Matthew Bryden Uselman Architects (MBU/A) is an emergent international practice providing comprehensive services in architecture, urbanism, interiors and furniture design. We work with civic, commercial, and private clients spanning a broad range of scale and use types, encompassing new construction as well as renovation.  In every creative endeavor, we reconcile aesthetic ideals with pragmatic realities to achieve an extraordinary project of refined scale, proportion, materiality, and detail. Our goal is to deliver work of quality and substance that exceeds the potential envisioned by our clients.

At the core of our principals of design and practice is that architecture must always start with an organizing idea to drive the programmatic and functional definition of a building. Rather than importing and applying a foreign architectural style, we study and define the unique character of the site and the essential nature of the program to establish a conceptual starting point. From there the work is then anchored to its site and circumstance where deeper investigations and explorations of form, space, time, light, and materiality can then take place.

The fundamental human experience of pleasure and memory comes from having an integral relationship with one’s environment. This happens when architecture is allowed to be inventive and provide thoughtful and sense-provoking qualities in the experience of a place. We view every new project as a challenge to create architecture that is not only personalized and functional, but also beautiful. This approach makes the creation of architecture more than a service to our clients, but as a shared creative experience to enhance the built environment and improve people’s lives.

MBU/A was established in 2011 and is currently based in New York City with satellite bureaus in Los Angeles, California and Paris, France.